Outside Help

So I met with my life coach today … things are going well.   So far I have told you I have 2 therapist, a life coach, I have a sponsor and I use a personal trainer.   I am either really pathetic and need a lot of help or I am smart and using my resources.  I find more than anything that I need to be accountable and those professionals hold me accountable for things I really should be able to do on my own, but don’t.    I need my sponsor to help me stay on right path with my sobriety, I use my personal trainer to make sure I work out on a regular basis (thats a hard one), my personal therapist helps me navigate life, the marriage  therapist keeps the marriage going on the right tract and the Life coach is helping me find my purpose.    Your average person can and should be able to do these things on their own …. I guess I am not your average person.

Back to my session with my coach – we are almost through with the paid for 10 sessions, I think I have grown through this process and have become more aware of my position and the choices I have.  Life is too short to be idle and unhappy.  Being bored is my enemy and I have been bored, I have been unhappy and idle, but really just bored.   Things are looking up and I am starting to get a plan for the future, which I was unsure about.  I am finally excited about the future and the possibilities.   I have my new sponsee that I am working with and I am looking into volunteering (more on that when it happens).  I am actually starting to find some purpose.    when your kids grow up and out you have to reinvent yourself and I think that is where I am at.

I am grateful for all the outside help I am receiving.  It keeps me honest, accountable and growing.    As my coach has said … I am allowing thing things to  unfold and unfolding they are.

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