I have not been doing a good job keeping up with this blog thing …. it is sometimes hard to know what to write.  I want to share my life, but maybe not share too much.

I have been asked to give my lead at the AA meeting on Sunday.   That is to share my story.   I have done it a few times in the past, but that doesn’t matter.   It is still nerve wracking.

I talk to groups at work, but it is not about me …. it is the story of my company, not the story of me.

It is funny, I know all the people at this meeting, I love this group and the people in it, but I am still terrified.

I can’t just get up there and talk like most people do, I am afraid I will forget what to say, even though I know my story better than anyone else.   I  have written out word for word what I would like to say.   I will take notes with me, but of course I won’t read them verbatim.     I just hope I get my point across, that I can help someone with my story and that I don’t look foolish up there speaking.

I haven’t had much time to prepare … only a week.    I haven’t had much time to worry about it because I have been really busy.   But now that it is Friday and Sunday is only a few days away, I am starting to get anxious.

I know it will be fine and that nobody will throw rotten tomatoes at me because they love me back.   I need to just breathe and know I am enough just the way I am and leave the outcome to God.

I am debating on whether or not to post my story here – the story I hope to share on Sunday.

Well, wish me luck








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