Baby Time

I have been doing a terrible job of keeping up with this blogging thing.   I think I am going to write something and then I don’t.   It is not like I have nothing to say, I usually do.

So last week I spent some time babysitting my 15 month old niece.   3 nights and 4 days.   She is a sweet and good baby and I love her dearly, but my kids are 22 and 20 so it has been a long time since I was a “mom” to a baby.   It was really fun to have a baby in the house again (but you see all along I knew my time was limited).  We did a lot of fun things with her.  My mom joined me during the days and we played and went on many adventures.   The best one was the visit to the pumpkin patch.   It is so interesting to watch how curious a toddler is and to trying to see the world as they see it.   Having 2 kids  2 years apart, did I really take the time to notice them noticing things?  Being older and maybe wiser now, I have a different perspective in watching a young child.  My addiction didn’t really gear up until my children were probably in elementary school so I was present when they were toddlers and young children, I was a good mom, but did I really appreciate them at each age.  It is just different now watching my niece grow.   I think with age comes a little bit more reflection, it is only by God’s grace that I realize how precious life is today … at each stage.