In the AA world November is Gratitude Month – it should be Gratitude Month for everyone and maybe it is ……

I have always been grateful for my lot in life, I am lucky to have a good family, the means for a good life and for the most part good health these days.

I have battled clinical depression, anxiety, addiction and some health problems and during those times I maybe wasn’t so grateful, but today I can be because it has made me who I am today.  Is everything perfect ….. not by a long shot, but you know things could always be worse and I can find gratitude in the little things even when life is not going my way.

Several years ago my sponsor at the time had me do a gratitude list of 1,000 things.  Making that list still has an impact on me today – it reminds me continually all that I have to be grateful for, the little things and the big.

When I turned 50 this year in June I was overwhelmed with gratitude.   Gratitude for just being alive, gratitude for making it to 50 and for getting through all the trials that I have faced in the past.

When I am in self pity, a small gratitude list can always lift me up.

What are you grateful for today?