3 years and counting

Today was a milestone kind of day.    Today I have 3 years of  continuous sobriety.  As I have written before I have been in the program for a number of years …. since 2007, but I just couldn’t stay sober to save my life.   Previously my longest stint in sobriety was 2 years and 9 months in 2012.

I really don’t have that constant obsession to drink and use as I once did and for that I am grateful.   I am not going to say I never think about it, because that is not true, I still do on occasion.  But the thoughts are fleeting.

I have a lot of people to thank for where I am at today.   I have a wonderful group of sober friends and a great support system.   Not just for not drinking, but for life in general.

I am really happy and proud of myself for getting to this milestone and it is my plan to keep going.     My biggest fear is another relapse and disappointing all those who have helped me get to this point, but on the other hand …. relapse, it is what I usual do.  Can I break the cycle?

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