Graduation 2017

I am starting to get sentimental and misty eyed thinking of my oldest daughter who is graduating from college this Saturday.     She will soon be in the “adult” world.   She is going to be a teacher …. high school English., yes she is always correcting my grammar and spelling and I am sure she would have a field day with the sentence structure in this blog.

I am very proud of her and her accomplishments and her passion for her chosen field.   She spent a summer in Ecuador getting her teaching certificate for teaching English as a foreign language.  Her minor is Spanish.    She loved the experience and the people and the Country.    She will be heading to Spain soon to officially complete her degree by student teaching in an English speaking school there.    I could never do some of the things she has done and I am in awe of her sense of adventure and independence.

But that young adult is still my first baby.    It has been an amazing journey to watch her grow and learn and become a grown up.     It is often said, but seriously where has time gone?  How did my baby become a young woman?  Time keeps marching on and I grow more sentimental and misty eyed as I reflect on where we have been as a mother / daughter and how we came out on the other side of those crazy toddler and teenage years.   Our relationship has grown and matured along with her (and me too)

On Saturday I will proudly watch as she walks in the graduation ceremony and I am sure there will be tears for the days that have gone by and excitement for those yet to come.

Love you Allie

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