December 27th

Christmas is now over – and it is time to move on.   I know it is only December 27th, but I can’t wait to take the Christmas decorations down and get back to life as we know it.  I would usually have started taking the tree and other misc stuff down by now, but the kids and husband are adamant about leaving it up.   My thoughts ….. when it is over it is over.    I have enjoyed the season and the decorations, but by now, I am so over it!

This week between Christmas and New Years is always a VERY slow week at work.   I literally have very little to do and have been leaving earlier than usual.   I am busy outside of work which makes it that much harder to sit and do very little for several hours.   I am just thinking about all that I could be doing, like taking down the Christmas decorations.

These holidays usually stress me out to no end, I think I am handling things pretty well this year.   Lets just hope I can get through the next week of more parties and get togethers.

I am really ready for it to be over!

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