Sitting watching the rain fall

Gives me a chance to think

About love, life, happiness and whatever falls in-between


The dark clouds are rolling in

The thunder is booming in the distance

What is life about anyways, but endless days of rain


The trees are swaying in the wind

The rain is pouring down

We need the rain to make things grow, including all the things we know


Love, life and happiness are they overrated?

We live each day as it comes,

Clouds, rain and then some sun


When the storm passes the sun will appear

We may then find the love and happiness we forever crave

When the rain comes to end we can see more clear


Look for the rainbow after the rain

It will prove that life is not all gray

Just wait it out and you will survive


After the rain the sun will follow

Rain or sun only time will tell

Life can be good, we just have to live it






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