July 4th

Today is the 4th of July – I am grateful to be an American.

I was looking through some papers and found some of my writings from years ago.   I was in a severe clinical depression with anxiety disorder and I somehow got creative and wrote …. a lot.    I am planning to share some of my writings during that time on this blog.    Today I wanted to share what I wrote on July 4, 2003


It’s the 4th of July

Fireworks light the sky

Families sit together and stare

At all the sparkle in the air

They ooh and ahh at the sight

Of all the things they see tonight


I like the sights, I like the sounds

I sit and watch from the ground

I imagine as I look up high

What it might be like to die

I think about those who have gone before

I often wonder if there is more


Up to the heavens I pray

I hope those above can hear what I say

As I watch the night sky light

I look inside and hold on tight

Today is America’s day

Thank you all who had to pay






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