Car Totaled

Well I had my first ever major car accident at age 51.    I have had several close calls and have hit stationary vehicles or garage doors etc, but nothing like I experienced last night.   It was truly terrifying.

I am grateful that everyone involved was able to walk away.  I am very sore, especially my chest, back and arm from the airbags and seatbelt.   But that I can live with.

I was sighted for failure to yield.  Which totally sucks!  I was turning left at a major intersection on a yellow light.   The car in the far lane had stopped at the light and in the other lane a car sped thru the light and hit me as I was turning.    My airbags deployed and my car spun around facing the other direction.   There were car parts everywhere on the pavement.  It was snowing and wet with a lot of traffic.

When I talked to the insurance company, I could honestly say I was sober and not on my cell phone … again grateful.

Thankfully my husband was in town and we live pretty close to the intersection.   I am not sure what I would have done with out him.  Just seeing him there calmed me.  I was badly shaken and soaking wet from standing in the snow / rain.

Does it suck … sure does, my car was not even 6 months old, but I have gratitude that it wasn’t so much worse.    I have several friends who  have lost loved ones this week; An elderly mother, an 18 year old son and a 50 year old wife.    I will be able to replace the car, but you can not replace a life.   We must keep everything in perspective.

Will I be nervous to drive at night …. probably.   Will I be extra cautious …. you bet.   It is scary how fast things happens and how this life changes every day.    I am lucky and blessed!IMG_4508

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