Snowy Day

The holidays are over, the kids are gone, it is mid January and we are having our first major snow of the season.    It has been a long day and mostly lazy with the exception of shoveling the driveway.   Yes we shoveled our very long driveway as our snowblower is tucked away way in the backyard in the shed … of course!    The snowflakes are large and they keep coming, our clean driveway is no longer.

It is cozy with the fire, the football game on the TV and a book within reach.   Something though is missing ….. the kids.    Allie has been gone for a couple of weeks and Kirsten left yesterday.   It is quiet.   The kids have been out of the house for awhile, but it is always hard when they leave after having them home for month, well at least one of them was home for a month.   The other is a real adult with a teaching job she had to get back to.

So with the kids gone, the holidays over and Steve’s travel schedule picking up, it is time once again to find myself.    I find myself in that lull between being super busy with the holidays, vacation and entertained with the kids to getting started again with finding my purpose.  I started volunteering some in November and I need to pick back up on that,  I have to get myself back in gear to getting healthy and loosing some weight (I have lost 13 lbs so far with gaining just a couple back over the holidays) and I really need to be connecting better with my sponsees (but that is mostly on them).    I look at the calendar and see many empty days.  What will I do to fill the time?  The days of running kids around or even having them home is over.   I have to fill my time with me.  Volunteering, AA, my Trainer and various appointments and of course girlfriend time .. is it enough to fill me?

Snowy days when you are stuck inside sure do give you a lot of time to think.   As they say in recovery; we will just take it one day at a time and enjoy each moment … even the snowy ones.



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