Easter 2020

Today is Easter and 2020 is unlike any other year.    No big family dinner, church services are online only, and for the Easter Bunny it was slim pickings.    All around the world people are trying to make the best of the situation with stay at home orders.  Even though there is some fear,  I have seen people coming together and it is a comfort.    Seeing the empty streets of big cities on TV is eerie.  Life right now is just weird.

It is my. hope that when we get through this, things won’t necessarily go back to normal, but a new normal …. a better normal, a kinder, loving and more gentler normal.

I am missing my older daughter, Allie.   She is working in a daycare for healthcare providers and she can’t come home.   We did get Kirsten home from Chicago and I am happy about that, but I would love to have my little family all under one roof as we navigate this quarantine and the deadly Coronavirus.

So for today, I will try to remain in gratitude.   Gratitude for my Higher Power, gratitude that I have what I need and Gratitude that all of my family and friends are safe in their own homes.

Easter this year is definitely one that we will remember.

As they say, We will get through this together ….. One day at a time


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